• "Rabbi"


    A slight, Orthodox-looking, Jewish man in a black hat, and suit.
  • "The Grim Samaritan"

    "The Grim Samaritan"

    Athletic-looking man in his mid-20's, seems preoccupied with...something.
  • Aubrey Rose Davies

    Aubrey Rose Davies

    Pretty girl, looks like a student or perhaps a future librarian.
  • Hippy Dippy Belinda

    Hippy Dippy Belinda

    Are you one with the universe? Excellent...which one?
  • Oh, what's his name?

    Oh, what's his name?

    Hey, isn't that that guy, from that thing, on TV?
  • The Beast

    The Beast

    Voted "Most Dangerous Woman of the Year" by Defense Review magazine and "Best Dressed Woman" by Elle magazine in the same year.
  • The_Scribbler


    The Scribbler is a tall, overly thin young man. He is intense. Too intense. His intensity is better described as spooky.