Declan O'Connell


" Declan O`Connell is a mess wobbling around in his underwear. He is clearly at the deep end of a very dark alcoholic bender. He is missing a leg and the prosthesis is leaning against the bed, ignored by him as he lopes and fumbles. The blood that covers the right side of his face and head stems from his ear. He is stifling the bleeding with a sock. Declan has been here less than 24 hours but has already accumulated a wonderful collection of whiskey bottles. He is furious at… well… everyone, and is waving an automatic pistol around spasmodically (an M1911 for those who could identify it).

The ugly-as-sin clock radio has a small, gory glob of meat stuck to its face.

In addition to his drunken, one-legged imbalance, he seems to be impaired by at least partial deafness."


Declan O'Connell

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