Oh, what's his name?

Hey, isn't that that guy, from that thing, on TV?


A man in his early 30s, he is dressed casually— jeans and stylish polo, with a photographer’s vest thrown on over it and carrying an expensive hiking pack. He is not tall, though he is trim with an athletic build. He has thick black hair, blue eyes and fair skin. His three-day stubble looks permanent but carefully maintained. His lumberjack look doesn’t come across as real; it’s more like what a lumberjack would look like in a romantic comedy.


“What’s his name? Carl? Kyle? It’s that guy from TV, with the poachers.”
You may recognize him as the former host of a cable network animal show. He spent two short seasons wandering Africa, capturing footage of interesting wildlife and wilderness scenes. It later came out that his producers had been using the show as a front to conceal their poaching activities. The show was canceled, and the former host hasn’t really been seen since.

Oh, what's his name?

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