A slight, Orthodox-looking, Jewish man in a black hat, and suit.


This younger, Othodox-looking Jewish man stands facing 3/4 away from you, his eyes are pointed at the ground, but he appears to be thinking, or listening, or remembering: perhaps all three. He stands centered on both feet, aware of your gaze, used to the comparison of an orthodox man, with all that isn’t. He is holding a briefcase like sachel that has two straps, and a top handle using his right hand.

While you are looking you see that he, wears a dark, too big, clean black suit, a white shirt with no tie, and yarmulche. As he replaces his black fedora onto his head, you see that he has side curls growing from his temples that are hair-pinned up under his kippot, but the rest of his hair is short. His beard is thin, and either difficult to grow, or very evenly trimmed, thin enough to see the skin though it. If you tend to notice such things, his shoes are and his belt, and brief case/backpack are fashionable faux-leather, from Boheme – fashion with compassion.

He is about 5’ 8’, has reddish brown hair, and light, light, golden brown eyes with long lashes. They seem to catch the light as if moist, and if you could just catch his gaze – they seem to…be understanding. He is on the lightish side- but this is hard to decide upon really, since his Tzitzit is worn under his shirt- from which the tassels are displayed over his belt- and this produces a bunching effect of slack or paunch around his waist. As something else catches his eye up over the horizon of that building, he more fully turns away from you, as if he’s certain that there is no harm to him coming from you, and what drew his gaze is calling his full attention


The Rain Hotel Puddle