"The Grim Samaritan"

Athletic-looking man in his mid-20's, seems preoccupied with...something.


At first glance, this tall young man seems unfocused, with a rather short attention span. He looks around, shifting his gaze from one location to the next, never spending very much time in any one direction. The longer you look, however, you notice the sense of purpose lying beneath the surface. His shifting blue eyes are dividing his surroundings in a consistent pattern, maximizing his coverage of the area and leaving no spot uncovered for long. His stare is intent rather than lazy, and you begin to share in his concern regarding whatever it is that he is looking for.

He is dressed for comfort rather than for style; his clothes are well worn, but still well taken care of. Durability is obviously more important than a name brand. From what you can see, he holds himself to the same standards that he applies to his wardrobe. He is fit but not excessively muscular, and moves with a fluidity that is both natural and refined. Not surprisingly, he wears his light brown hair down around his shoulders, unbound and long enough to feel the wind blowing through it.

Mostly content to be the observer, he is not what one would call “chatty”. When he does speak, it is readily apparent that English is not his first language. It’s not that he is clumsy with words, but rather he is betrayed by his accent. It is not as strong as it once was, making it difficult to place his origin more specifically than Eastern Europe. The occasional word from his native tongue does make its way into his speech, giving a little clue to those who might like to puzzle it out.

Voice sample courtesy of The Speech Accent Archive


"The Grim Samaritan"

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