The Scribbler is a tall, overly thin young man. He is intense. Too intense. His intensity is better described as spooky.


The_Scribbler is twitchy and intense – to the point of creepiness, Alternately staring and wild eyed – he brings a nervousness and infectious paranoia to all those who spend any time with him. Despite that, he’s average looking with a thin build, dark hair, and shabby clothes. His face is adorned with a thick pair of glasses, which might be fashionable on a hip, young urbanite… but make him look more like Michael Douglas’ character in Falling Down.

He also might be considered attractive, if there wasn’t something quite so feral about him.

He wears a worn pair of khaki cargo pants, equally worn airwalks, and a dark blue and gray flannel. His notebooks are always nearby, stuffed into either the old suitcase he always has with him, or in the pockets of his cargo pants. The pockets are themselves bulging with pens, pencils and scraps of paper, grocery bags, napkins, or anything else he has found to scribble furiously upon. He’s in his late 20’s, or early 30’s, but it’s hard to pin down how old he is really is.

No one would ever consider him ‘normal’. If his wild look and creepy demeanor weren’t off-putting enough, his constant muttering and random snorts of laughter at his own private inner dialogue would surely brand him as an outsider.


The Rain Hotel The_Scribbler