Antique Pocket Watch

Stylish. Practical. Surprisingly, still functional.


This is an antique silver hunter-case pocket watch, manufactured by János Brauswetter in Szeged, Hungary sometime in the late 19th century. A prized family heirloom, it is seldom out of the sight of “The Grim Samaritan” for long. As the fourth generation of his family to possess this finely constructed timepiece, he takes great pride in being part of the tradition that saw it come into his hands.
Despite the apparent danger it faces by enduring his active lifestyle, the watch has managed to remain in excellent condition. This is in large part due to the great care that is taken in regards to its maintenance and protection. However, it is evident that more than a bit of luck has contributed to its knack for survival.

The Front and Rear Covers

The Face, and the Movement

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Antique Pocket Watch

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