1. Situation
a. Enemy forces-
(1) SALUTE: (Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, or Equipment)
(2) DRAW-D: (Defend, Reinforce, Attack, Withdraw, or Delay)
(3) EMPCOA: (Enemy Most Probable Course Of Action)
b. Friendly forces-
(1) HAS: (Higher, Adjacent, and Supporting)
c. Attachments/Detachments-

2. Mission
Task to be accomplished and purpose (who, what, when, where, and why)

3. Execution
a. Commander’s Intent- (Center of Gravity, Critical Vulnerability, Plan to Exploit Critical Vulnerability, and End State)
b. Concept of Operations-
(1) Scheme of Maneuver: (Form of maneuver, Distribution of forces, Direction of attack, Tactical control measures, and Consolidation)
(2) Fire Support Plan
c. Tasks-
d. Coordinating Instructions-
(1) Direction of Attack
(2) Time of Arrival
(3) Base Unit
(4) Formation of Movement
(5) Consolidation
(6) Tactical Control Measures
(7) Timeline

4. Administration and Logistics
a. Administration
b. Logistics (Beans, bullets, bandages, bad guys, and batteries)

5. Command and Signal
a. Signal
b. Command
(1) Location of key leaders
(2) Succession of Command


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