The Shutterbug


Pretty. Intelligent. She always seems to have a top of the line professional digital camera in her hand and extra batteries and photo chip close by. One wonders if she sees the world more through the lens of her camera then with her own two eyes. This being the case, she tends to look for the smallest details, or anything, for that matter, that might make for an interesting or artistic photo.

When she speaks, her voice is a mix of upscale European English with a charming touch of an accent from her native India which leads one to believe she has lived and/or been educated abroad….which also means she likely comes from money. She has a flare for looking stylish and put together whether wearing traditional native clothing, European or Western-style clothing or a pair of ripped jeans and a T-shirt. She doesn’t sport that traditional “bindi”, the red dot slightly above and between the eyes, one usually envisions in their minds when thinking of the stereotypical Indian woman. She’s also a tad tall for most Indian women standing at 5’6".

What comes off as shyness is actually a quiet and deep sense of self. She doesn’t intimidate easily nor rise to the bait of bravado in others. But she’s certainly no doormat. To coin a phrase from an old movie, Chandra is “nice….until it’s time to not be nice”. Luckily for her…and everyone else….she has a pretty high threshold for other people’s idiocy before she decides it’s time to “not be nice”.


The Shutterbug

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